From “A fascinating work of popular philosophy and history that both enlightens and entertains, Stephen Cave’s Immortality investigates whether it just might be possible to live forever and whether we should want to. But it also makes a powerful argument, which is that it’s our very preoccupation with defying mortality that drives civilization. Central… Read More

Here is a list of life questions to ponder. You may have already been pondering some of them for some time now. Or maybe you haven’t thought about any of them. Nonetheless, now you have a list you can go off of. Peace. 1.) Who made the human being? 2.) What is our purpose? 3.)… Read More

Ever thought about what outer space sounds like? It is certainly more full of sounds than we think. And some of them quite interesting. Seems there is almost more going on “out there” than down here on Earth! Have a listen, enjoy!… Read More