man thinksHere is a list of life questions to ponder. You may have already been pondering some of them for some time now. Or maybe you haven’t thought about any of them. Nonetheless, now you have a list you can go off of. Peace.

1.) Who made the human being?
2.) What is our purpose?
3.) Who is in charge of Planet Earth?
4.) How was it decided that certain animals would eat grass and certain animals would eat each other?
5.) How many other planets are inhabited by humans like us?
6.) How did we decide which body to take?
7.) Why is there no more common sense in the world?
8.) How is it possible that we are still fighting over religion?
9.) Where did the evil on the planet come from?
10.) Why do people morph into somebody else when they drive?
11.) Why do people with cowboy hats drive worse than people not wearing hats?
12.) How can people in hot climates wear long-sleeved shirts and jeans and not sweat?
13.) Why haven’t we figured out how to just all get along?
14.) Why haven’t we decided yet that there would be just ONE clothing to represent everyone of planet Earth?
15.) Who decided that we could not have wings?
16.) Why didn’t whoever that made us, make us better smelling?
17.) Why does the winter last 4 times longer than summer in Northern Regions?
18.) Who decided on the temperature of Planet Earth?
19.) What happens if we go into a black hole? Is it like a portal to another dimension?
20.) Why can’t we shapeshift?
21.) If we breathed water for 9 months, why can’t we breathe it now?
22.) Why do we keep buying junk we don’t need?
23.) Why isn’t everybody recycling yet?
24.) Where did all the Gods go?
25.) Are they coming back?
26.) How can human beings hurt one another?
27.) How are they capable of hurting animals?
28.) Why is our own mind the most difficult to control?
29.) Why have people stopped learning ancient wisdom?
30.) Why do people no longer follow the Golden Rule?
31.) Who decided on the different shapes of different universes?
32.) Why didn’t we come with a manual on how our body works?
33.) How much longer will our Sun last? And how many other Suns are there?
34.) Does wishing upon falling stars really come true?
35.) When is the best time to write posts like this?

Write me if you have some more life questions to ponder! I will add them to the list!!

Article written by Stacie Bronson

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