Have you ever thought about playing an instrument?

Have you admired pianists or singers or great cellists that can go on for hours while playing absolutely beautiful music? Music is how the entire Universe came into existence!

Then now is the time you should start to learn an instrument! Don’t tell yourself that you don’t have the time — because I know you do! Instead of watching TV for an hour, practice that guitar or flute that is gathering dust!

There are some BIG reasons why it would be beneficial to you. A few good reasons are:

1.) Relaxation. Playing music soothes us. The vibrations put us into an almost different state of mind. Music has an effect on our mind that causes us to be sad, angry, happy, anxious – or everything in between! The next time you listen to music, really listen to it. What kind of effect does it have on you? So while practicing, pick out something soothing that has a calming effect on your nerves. Your nervous system will thank you for it!

th12.) Improved concentration and memory. Learning an instrument helps us to concentrate and focus our energy in one place. It also helps our eye-hand coordination and improves our memory. We use increased brain power to learn the music. It also helps in repairing brain damage and returning lost memories. In addition, we also tap into that creative side of our brain – which comes up in my next point.

OrpheusMosaic3.) Improved creativity. Playing music gives us access into our right brain and starts to open up new pathways in the brain specifically for that purpose. We start to think “outside” the box and get away from rigid, structured thinking. Let yourself be absorbed by the vibrations; by the sounds.

4.) Deeper appreciation for art. Learning an instrument helps us appreciate others that have chosen to dedicate their lives to music or art. We can understand the effort that it takes to create great works of art. We begin to appreciate many more art forms all around us, not only in music or art that man has created, but also that in nature.

New-Age-Ambient15.) Raise vibrations upwards. Playing music raises our energetic vibrations. It has a direct impact on our energy body, either increasing or decreasing those vibrations. If we continue practicing and playing an instrument at the correct frequencies, we can raise the vibrations of our energy bodies to a state that we become almost “immune” to poisonous energies of other people. This helps us to stay healthier and happier.

6.) Better health. Overall, playing music has health benefits. Playing acts as a “release” from a stressful or hectic day. It acts as a “safety” zone. Those that play instruments usually deal with their stress in a better way. Instead of giving into an angry emotion, for example, musicians find solace and a sort of sanctuary in their music.

Article by Stacie Bronson. Stacie Bronson is a vegan, reiki and yoga teacher in Berlin. She has over 20 years experience as a classical pianist and utilizes her knowledge of music in her yoga and reiki sessions to help heal others.

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